Eymalis Le'Courtisan Vibrator

MADE IN FRANCE - EXQUIS. The Electro stimulation is to stimulate the nerve endings to increase excitement. This type of sexual stimulation is much more efficient than any product that produces vibrations. With the line Intimate Love Toy massager you can find or discover unsuspected sensations. Used by the woman or men, the operating principle of erotic electrostimulation acts on three fronts. First, it performs an electro-massage or electro-masturbation of your intimate parts. Then, provides electro-erection. Interferential currents directly stimulate the surface of the spinal cord to the surface. The smooth muscle relaxation also occurs by stimulation of pudendal nerves. This process is similar to Viagra. Finally, the erotic electrostimulation leads to electro-ejaculation, women with intense enjoyment. Overall, the principle is simple but effective. It's like masturbation without having to touch herself. Thus, she can give free rein to their imagination and fantasies. To act, the device consists of a pulse generator, electrodes. A powerful and ergonomic massager in the soft touch designed precisely to the women forms. Easy to clean and odourless, Le Chatelain is a highly discreet and satisfying companion. Whether enjoyed individually or with a partner. EXQUIS offers sustained control through nine levels of intensity, in two different modes. Electrodes are covered with a fine golden coat (24 carats) assuring an excellent conductivity and so avoiding any risk of allergy. Combining mechanical vibrating stimulation with low-frequency Erotic Electro Stimulation can help achieve a greater level of sexual amplification to the female orgasm. Le Chatelain gives the end-user greater sexual pleasure and the ability to control and fluctuate the orgasmic state. The Electro Sex is very popular among SM & FETISH. Thanks to medical support electrosex products can undoubtedly improve the sex lives of men and women who may have some physical or sexual problems.  Women typically use electro toys and through our range of Intimate Love Toys, it can reduce incontinence tighten the pelvic wall and floor and as a bonus also provides an electro relative orgasm of female private parts. The use of Electro Sex can also help to combat impotence in men. Using this range of items will also bring you great joy and pleasure in your play and lovemaking. Your sex life will become more intense and you will discover desires, desires hitherto unknown or unspoken. It is said that orgasms on women when using this product are so intense that most women can only use the toy for 10-15 minutes that would equate to hours of play in bed with a person or other device. The use of these items should be carefully read very carefully the explanatory notes. Do not use on people with heart problems or with a heart device.  Do not hesitate to talk to your doctor before use.