Slave Leather BDSM Collar

Slave Leather Bondage Collar These high-quality leather collars are GENUINE leather and hand made. The Quality, thickness and comfort cannot be compared with others out there. This is the Slave collar for all those with nasty thoughts about being treated like a little Slave!!!! Measurements: The collars measure approximately 2 (50mm) wide and fits neck sizes of approx 14 (36cm) to 18 (48cm) with D-Ring attachment at the back and are available with silver studs. The collars are made from top quality leather and are leather lined to stop the back of the studs irritating. We have found a quick and easy way of measuring the neck is to take a tailor's measuring tape or piece of string or similar and put this around your neck, then pinch between finger and thumb without being too tight and then measure the length to give you a collar size.