Pelvic Floor Muscles

The Pelvic Floor Muscles can become weakened during pregnancy and childbirth, but they can also be affected by constipation, chronic cough and repetitive heavy lifting. Menopause can also influence how these muscles work.

The term ‘pelvic floor’ refers to the group of muscles that sit at the base of your pelvis. Their job is to provide support to the pelvic organs; bladder, vagina, uterus and rectum, as well as maintain continence.

The term Prolapse refers to any movement of the pelvic organs from their original position. Prolapse is also commonly seen in women following childbirth but can happen at any stage during a woman’s life. Common symptoms include feelings of bulging or heaviness in the vagina or anus, difficulty emptying the bladder and/or bowel and difficulty keeping a tampon in. It can also cause you pain during sexual intercourse.

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